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Consider IT maturity before leaping into AI

Ever since ChatGPT burst into the public domain in 2022, businesses have obsessed on generative AI and how it can be used to do certain tasks faster and better. But when it comes to real-business-world adoption of AI tools – generative or otherwise – companies are treading carefully.

One of the lessons of epochal technology shifts – think desktop computer and the internet browser – is that workers need time to assimilate new technology into the ways they work currently. Remember that the productivity gains from the PC did not eventuate until a decade after it became widely available.

But the payoff from AI will most definitely arrive. Businesses need to think about adopting AI tools that make sense now so they’re still in the race when this emerging technology is less novel and more readily integrated across most facets of business.

Where you can start, right now

Just as a GP needs to see your blood results before providing a diagnosis and treatment plan, you’ve got to understand what your business is capable of now to embrace AI in the forms that make best sense.

Understanding where your business sits on an AI maturity continuum will help pinpoint AI opportunities ripe for adoption and how they can grow and develop into more advanced capabilities.

The idea borrows from the classic IT capability maturity framework, which is used to gauge the maturity of business functions within an organisation, such as general IT capability, cybersecurity and quality management.

We suggest it is also helpful to look at AI capability through this lens. In our downloadable guide we outline 5 levels of maturity and map these to four focus business areas.

How Nodero can help

Sorting AI hype from reality requires a good understanding of the technology itself and a dispassionate view of business readiness.

That’s why we like the AI Maturity Model– because it focuses a business on its current capabilities and what that means for AI adoption now and further developments to make AI an integral and well-governed part of the business in the future.

Right now, we’re helping business like yours to:

  • Aggregate and clean data for AI models
  • Establish proof of concepts to explore how AI can be used to achieve organisations goals
  • Identify and map areas ripe for automation and improvement through AI
  • Make sense of AI tools and options to identify best fit
  • Assist user adoption
  • Embed AI into everyday processes
  • Establish governance and best practice frameworks for AI

Check out our AI Maturity Model: No questions asked, no spam emails.

Free Guide: AI Maturity Model

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