”Data is the new oil? No, data is the new soil.”

David McCandless
Smart use of data is a key part of digital transformation. Nodero help businesses improve decision making through better capture, management and reporting of data.

The amount of data available today can be overwhelming but with Nodero you can unlock information and meaningful insights that will lead to better actions.


Through the use of data visualizations, Nodero can engineer dashboards to simplify complex data sets providing users with at a glance awareness of organisational KPI's, metrics, data, and current performance.

Microsoft SSRS & PowerBI

Quickly go from data, to insights, to action. Nodero will get you up and running with powerful tools like Microsoft SSRS and PowerBI, and help you be as independent with your data management as you want to be.


Creating data is easy. Knowing what to do with it is the hard part. Let Nodero help you make sense of it, utilise it, and learn from it. Data can be a strong tool to drive strategy and improve business decisions. The trick is extracting the value and drawing insights to make the data work for you.

API’s and integration

Put data to good use. Improve existing products, systems and operations by adopting effective tools such as API's and integrating subsystems to create a comprehensive system, that quickly and easily shares data when needed.

“ Our Neonatal Unit focuses on partnering with parents to take charge of caring for their child and this app really helps with that. Nodero have been great to work with. ”
Dr Nathalie de Vries Paediatrician, MidCentral DHB
“ Tribal needed a platform suitable for both boardrooms and cowsheds. Nodero quickly built a system that is sophisticated and easy to use.”
Neriah Broughton CEO - Tribal
“We wanted somewhere staff could go for company news and the information they need. Nodero have built a fantastic site that staff love and most importantly are happy to use.”
Tony Mordaunt Marketing Manager, Property Brokers

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