Services - Mobile apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile makes so many things possible.
Data capture, collaboration, rich media, mapping.
We design and build amazing native applications across all platforms.

Mobile apps
Services - Mobile design

Mobile Design

We want your app to succeed. How do you make sure your users are engaged with your app, find it easy to do what they need and come away feeling it was a great experience?
Design is more than colour, white space and font choice. Your needs will change depending on who is using your app. What suits teenagers may not work with farmers.
Our interactive design team are experts at not only creating visually stunning apps but also finding out how your users work and how to best engage them.

Services - iOS deisgn

IOS Development

Users love their iPhones, iPads and iOS apps. We build best of breed iOS apps using Apple's own native Swift language. Our apps fully take advantage of iPhone and iPad capabilities.
We'll help you publish your apps through the Apple store submission process.

Services - Android design

Android Development

More people use Android than any other operating system.
Our team of expert Android developers create native Java apps for smartphones and tablets. We'll help publish them on to the Google Play store with a minimum of fuss.

Services - Xamarin design

Xamarin Development

For many companies, Microsoft still rules and Xamarin is an excellent cross platform choice to build native apps using C# and the .Net ecosystem.
We can help move your desktop systems out to the mobile world while maintaining interoperability with your existing .Net and other backend infrastructure.

Services - Mobile backend

Mobile Backend

Whether hosted on Amazon, Azure or your own servers we can build the backend your mobile app needs.
Data storage, notification management, integration with other systems, authentication, security, administration, error reporting and analytics are common needs for mobile systems and we keep on top of them all.

Services - Custom development

Custom Development

We build new systems, improve existing ones and get them to talk to each other. Business Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Strategy - we can help with the entire development process.

Services - Custom development
Services - Frontend

Front End

Web interfaces and websites are a huge part of any digital strategy.
We'll work with you to turn your concepts and particular needs into an great experience. Our web team are masters with HTML, Javascript and fancy toolkits such as Angular and Bootstrap.

Services - Server side

Server Side Development

We provide .Net development for many large organisations specialising in C#, SQL Server and related tools such as SSIS and SSRS. Other databases and platforms are also covered and we'll help establish the right technologies for your business.
Speed, Scaling, Storage and Security are all hugely important when building out server side solutions and we'll ensure your system is high quality, robust and cost effective.

Services - Saas

SAAS – Software As A Service

Platforms built on Amazon, Azure or Firebase. Integration with Xero and other cloud SAAS products.
There's a lot to get your head around and we'll steer you in the right direction and make sure your system is developed well and also set up in a way that is easy to manage, maintain and grow.

Services - API

API Development, Dashboards, Data Integration

Creating data is easy. Knowing what to do with it is the hard part. Let us help you make sense of it and use it to improve business decisions. We're experts in moving data from one system to another, cleaning and transforming it along the way as needed.
Our interactive design team can help visualise data with dashboards and reports that look brilliant, make sense of it and are easy to use.

Services - ETEE

End To End Expertise

Great software involves so much more than coding. Nodero have experts in Business Analysis, Design, Testing, Documentation and Project Management.
Whether you wish to use these skills as part of a larger project with Nodero or engage us just for a specific purpose we'd be glad to talk with you about your needs. Call us today.

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