Rearchitecting and de-risking a 30 year old system

Wildbase Postmortem Database

Massey University approached Nodero to replace a 30 year old MS Access system used to record postmortem data. IP within the database was extremely valuable yet high risk due to many problems using Access.

No ability for IT to maintain; no backups, difficult to provide access to new users, no ability to access remotely or utilise modern IT practices. The existing system was due for an overhaul but capacity constraints meant Massey were unable to develop a solution internally.




NodeJS + Angular + SQL Server. With an API architecture and responsive design, the solution can be accessed via web browser on desktops, tablets and mobile.


Integrated with Active Directory and Shibboleth SSO so authorisation and access is managed as per enterprise guidelines.


Rich media management and access for third parties (government, external vets etc) improves business workflow and cuts admin tasks and double entry.


The Postmortem database is now safely managed in the Massey ITS environment where standard tasks such as backup, patching, logging and security testing can be performed.

Wildbase have peace of mind their data is safe and spend less time on reporting and manual entry activities for third parties. ITS managed the project so it is seen as a great success for their team.

Nodero collaborate with enterprise IT departments to transform businesses in a sustainable and manageable way.