Providing crucial information to parents digitally


Babble is a mobile app created with the MidCentral DHB NeoNatal unit to provide crucial information to parents digitally. It provides a modern alternative to paper resources.

Parents get a digital platform they can personalise and share. MidCentral DHB have the confidence content is approved and managed by them.



Babble is a beautiful native mobile app with a content managed backend. Information can be regularly curated and added to without requiring application updates.


Sharing, bookmarks and search capabilities make Babble convenient for parents to focus on the information they are interested in.


Because content is managed within a CMS it can be used for other channels such as web, allowing for a single source of truth.


Built in analytics and feedback help MidCentral DHB understand app usage and continuously improve content.


Babble brings an innovative health platform without the security burden of integrating with other enterprise MidCentral DHB applications.


Babble has been a great success since launch with highly positive feedback from parents. It demonstrates MidCentral DHB’s commitment to innovation. Babble has recently expanded to serve Counties Manukau DHB and intends to engage with other health boards. It could be easily adapted to provide digital information for other health areas (e.g. Pediatrics, Maternity, Cancer Care etc).

Nodero work with MidCentral DHB to deliver innovation in the health sector. We bring great design and empathy for users alongside an understanding and respect for larger Health IT issues such as privacy and trusted data.

``Our Neonatal Unit focuses on partnering with parents to take charge of caring for their child and this app really helps with that. Nodero have been great to work with.``
Dr Nathalie de Vries Paediatrician, MidCentral DHB